Aunt Margo is Nory Horace's aunt and legal guardian. She is a taxi, a Flyer who takes passengers, and is dating Figs.


Aunt Margo is a boisterous white woman. She wears warm clothes because her job involves flying through the cold air. 


Aunt Margo is a very, very strong Flyer. She flies passengers with her in her taxi service, sometimes for routes as long as an hour. This makes her very hungry and she eats a lot. 


Aunt Margo is cheerful and loud. She is not very good with children, so she treats Nory like Nory is an adult. She is trusting and kind. 


Aunt Margo grew up with at least one sister, Nory's mom. She has lived alone for a while and didn't really interact with Dr. Horace and his family. Aunt Margo has a boyfriend, Figs, who comes over sometimes. 


  • Aunt Margo is the only known airborne taxi.