Dragons are the only magical creatures in the Upside-Down Magic series. Dragons come in many shapes and sizes, and, while they are magical, must be rescued from human activity by dragonologists. Book #4, Dragon Overnight, which takes place at a dragon preserve, Dragon Haven, has several dragon characters.

Blurper DragonsEdit

Burpers are a rare species of large, flying dragons with enormous talons and firebreath. They seem to be pink in color and are vegetarian. Blurpers are related to Tangerine Dragons and sometimes cohabitate with them. Roarie, the whelp Nory kidnaps in Dragon Overnight, is a Blurper. Blurpers make a blurp noise. Dragon Haven has one hatched Blurper and two eggs. 

Tangerine DragonsEdit

Tangerines are a giant species of flightless vegetarian dragons. They are orange in color and are as large as two elepants. Tangerines mainly eat fruit and tend to roughhouse, especially with members of their clan. Dragon Haven has four Tangerines: a mother, her two babies, and Ernesto, the old dragon who is raising Roarie. Tangerines have spiky tails and tiny, good-for-nothing wings. 

Luminous DragonettesEdit

Luminous Dragonettes are a small species of light-emmiting dragons who are famous for their firbling, a delicate, flutelike tinkling call. They live in hives and are not bothered by rain. Luminous Dragonettes are elegant and long, smaller than an adult's hand, with brilliant, iridescent wings. Each one glows a different color when it flaps its wings; they are known to be orange, yellow, purple, blue, and green. 

Arbor DragonsEdit

Arbor Dragons are small, green, flying dragons. They enjoy sitting on zip lines in Dragon Haven's Atrium of Healing, like birds on a power line. Zog, the dragon Andres convinces to fly, is an Arbor Dragon. 

River DragonsEdit

River dragons are large aquatic dragons seen in Dragon Overnight. They can jump two feet in the air, swim at speeds approaching fifty miles and hour, ride the river currents, and eat catfish the size of cows. They seem to be gray wit shiny markings in bright colors.